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For a Night of Romance

Love in the wintry city – it's a romantic image and one that Moscow embodies


Everyone has a favorite bistro, cafe or restaurant for a romantic evening — maybe a place that is special only because that's where eyes first met across the room or where a proposal was made and accepted. But for a truly special evening where the view outside the window is as amazing as the one inside across the table, here are our favorite picks.  


Insight is part of Project 354 – several restaurants at the top of the OKO skyscraper with a viewing platform in Moscow City. At 354 meters it’s the highest restaurant in Moscow, where you can have dinner while watching the clouds below. It’s a “true cost” restaurant: you pay an entrance fee plus the market price of each dish. Try hamachi or whale sushi or go for plum-flavored udon noodles with foie gras or Wagyu beef tartare with oyster sauce.

21/2 Pervy Krasnogvardeysky Proyezd.Metro Mezhdunarodnaya. +7 (495) 777 7111.



Located on the second floor of the Hotel National, Beluga has breathtaking views of the Kremlin. As its name suggests, Beluga offers about twenty varieties of caviar – with prices from moderate to astronomical. Caviar is served traditionally, with a shot of cold vodka. The non-caviar section of Beluga’s menu focuses on traditional Russian and Soviet cuisine.

15/1 Mokhovaya Ulitsa, Bldg. 1.Metro Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya. +7 (495) 901 0336.

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