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Russian Post Office Intercepts Attempt to Mail AK-47 to Siberia

Roman Pimenov / TASS

Russian postal employees have intercepted an attempt to send a Kalashnikov rifle through the mail from Moscow to Siberia.

Russia has strict gun laws that make it hard for residents to obtain firearms, although hunting rifles are common. In 2014, a law was passed that licensed the carrying of guns for self-defense.

A postal customer attempted to send a package with a rifle and an assault weapon, the Russian Post said in a press release published Wednesday.

“During a postal inspection in Moscow, specialists from the Russian Post security service discovered two units of firearms in the postal division: a rifle and a Kalashnikov,” the press release said.

The goods were going to be mailed from Moscow to the Zabaikalsky Territory in Russia’s Far East.

The post office has handed the address of the recipient to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

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