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Russian Passengers Forced to Push Bus Out of Snow To Leave Town

FreeNews Volga / Youtube

“If you love sledding, learn to love carrying your own sled,” goes the famous Russian proverb that was put to the test in a snowy Russian village on Wednesday morning.

Residents of the aptly named Solnechny (Sunny) village were filmed pushing an intercity bus out from the snow before boarding it to go to the southern city of Saratov.

The villagers won’t be pleased to learn that relentless snow has ground traffic in their destination city to a halt, the FreeNews-Volga news website reported Wednesday.

Local authorities in Saratov said additional cleanup crews were mobilized to deal with the so-called “transport collapse” but blamed complications on adverse weather conditions.

“The difficulty is caused by the abundance of personal vehicles left on the streets, congestion on the roads and constant snowfall,” Saratov City Hall said online.

Russia’s capital has also been paralyzed by massive snowfall this week, beating a half-century record.

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