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Best of the Caucasus

At Kazbek a bit of homey Georgia in the heart of Moscow. Kazbek

Kazbek is our favorite choice for traditional Georgian cuisine in Moscow right now. Interiors filled with sunlight, exposed brick and artfully distressed wooden walls, carved wooden screens and weathered floors, and an enormous wood-burning stove behind a magnificent sideboard. That’s where the young chef from Tbilisi, Mamia Jojua, and his mother bake bread and khachapuri.

Kazbek also has a magical winter garden in a glassed-in and heated veranda. Turquoise walls the color of the sea on a hot sunny day, a plethora of green plants, vintage light fixtures, Georgian rugs on the walls, and wild grapes rambling along the carved screens and brick walls — just like in the courtyards of Tbilisi. All year round, it’s a delightful place to start the day with coffee, have a filling lunch, or drink wine in the evening as you celebrate an important event with your friends and family.

At Kazbek, you’re in Georgia without leaving Moscow. The genuine hospitality, cozy atmosphere and beautifully prepared traditional Georgian cuisine at Kazbek will warm the soul on the coldest winter day.

2 Ulitsa 1905 Goda. Metro Ulitsa 1905 Goda. +7 (495) 651 8100.

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