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So Trump Isn't Putin's Bride? There's a Meme for That

Tom Tomorrow / Twitter

When Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Donald Trump wasn't his bride, was he just being creative or was he actively trolling the U.S. president?

Putin's comments, which came in reply to a reporter asking whether he was disappointed with Trump, quickly made the rounds on social media.

And while Russia's president may or may not have intended to, he gave the internet plenty of memes to play with. Out came the classics...

…the fake magazine covers...

…the GIFs...

...the breakup scenarios...

….and the “Brokeback Mountain” references.

To other readers, Putin's statement sounded less like a cowboy romance and more like some emotional drama from way down south.

There were also attempts to find alternative titles for Trump's role in Putin's life, but few of them were fit to reproduce here. So, we'll just show you these two:

Even Trump himself – or rather, a parody account – spoke up on the topic. Ouch!

But the best consequence of Putin's statement was probably that it gave a last airing to a meme that has seen so many uses in recent weeks, it must be ready to retire.

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