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Here Is the Kremlin's Full Video of Putin's Siberian Fishing Trip

Kremlin Press Service

The Kremlin press service on Monday published a 46-minute video of bare-chested Vladimir Putin’s recent diving and fishing excursions in the far reaches of remote Siberia.

According to Putin’s press service, Putin spent Aug. 1-3 in the Far East and Siberia, setting aside some time for outdoor activities. During the President’s visit to the remote taiga, a Kremlin statement said he “fished in mountain lakes” and “drove four-wheelers in the mountains among other activities.

The President's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Putin went underwater hunting, "chasing one pike for two hours.”

“He couldn't catch it for some time,” Peskov was cited by the state-run RIA-novosti news agency as saying, “but got his own way in the end.”

Initial reports of the president’s trip to the remote region were met with touch-in-cheek responses from independent media in Russia, with commentators saying the report was a ridiculous attempt to portray Putin as macho, full of energy and fun.

The Kremlin’s recent production is the latest in series of flamboyant photo shoots to appear throughout Putin's tenure which have previously featured him horse riding shirtless, operating submarines and posing with tranquilized tigers.

Watch the full-video here.

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