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You'll Never Again Skip Flossing, Thanks to This Russian Artist

Mariana Shumkova /

St. Petersburg artist Mariana Shumkova has created a horrific public service announcement using plaster, paint, and dozens of real human teeth. The monstrosity is called “Teeth for Health,” and you can view it in the waiting room at a local dentist’s office called “The Good Dentist’s Clinic.”

City locals donated 403 old teeth to Shumkova’s art project, which she says is meant to shock the public into practicing better oral care.

“Only a strong emotional impact can make a person think again about such a basic and ordinary thing as dental hygiene,” she told the website “The sculpture turned out very naturalistic, but because of the deformed features of the human face it’s quite frightening.”

Shumkova isn’t kidding. Her sculpture looks like Voldemort caught in mid-apparition.

The St. Petersburg artist says she's currently in negotiations with several exhibition sites to display her sculpture in other places around Russia.

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