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Using His Bare Hands, Russian Hunter Rescues 3 Boars Trapped in Ice Hole


A man in Irkutsk was captured on film this week using his bare hands to rescue three boars that had fallen into an ice hole. According to reports, two men were hunting rabbits in the area when they discovered the trapped animals, and one decided to rescue the boars, using nothing but his bare hands, pulling them out by the ears.

Footage of the incident was published online by the television network “360.”

“Are we gonna fall in, too?’ the hunter says in the video. Turning to the boars, he then says, “Hey, ease up! We’re coming to save you!”

In the video, the man easily removes the first two animals from the ice, but the third gets spooked and tries to bite him. In the end, with a little extra effort, the third pig is finally freed and all three then run off, back into the forest.

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