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Federal Guard Service to Conduct Drills Around Kremlin

Russia's Federal Guard Service (FSO) will be conducting large-scale security drills in the vicinity of the Kremlin on Nov. 17. Due to the drills, traffic in some parts of central Moscow will be temporarily restricted. 

"The exercise will practice a large variety of activities, such as countermeasures against attempts at illegal infiltration into guarded facilities and other illegal actions, disruption of extremist activities, measures against unauthorized flights by drones over sensitive areas, detection and elimination of equipment and gear meant for acts of terrorism and sabotage and fire safety precautions,"  said an FSO report cited by the TASS news agency.

The special tactical exercise, set to take place on Thursday, will involve units of the FSO, the police and personnel from the Ministry of Emergency Situations. During the exercise, Red Square and the Alexander Garden will be closed to the public after 4 PM. After 10PM there will be temporary restrictions of traffic on Bolshoi Kamenny bridge and Borovitskaya Square. 

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