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Referendum Proposed for 'Russian Nation' Law

Russia's Ombudsman for Human Rights Tatiana Moskalkova has proposed a referendum to decide whether the government should adopt a recently proposed "law on the Russian nation."

"The key word is the people. I think this is a question for a referendum," Moskalkova told journalists. 

She explained that while such legislation might appear attractive, it shouldn't be associated with a single people or even a "titular nationality," as this "might offend other peoples, ethnic groups, and nationalities."

The ombudsman also reminded her audience that the Soviet Union once attempted to create a single titular nation in order to avoid national questions.

In late October, President Vladimir Putin supported a proposal to draft a law on the topic of the Russian nation. 

"It's necessary to think about this in practical terms and begin work," Putin said at the Council for Interethnic Relations during a meeting in Astrakhan. 

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