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First Escape Ever From Russian Maximum Security Penal Colony

Lyudmila Ivanova / Wikicommons

A prisoner has escaped from the maximum security Black Dolphin penal colony in Russia's Orenburg region. According to the local prison administration’s press service, this is the first escape from the colony in its history.

The fugitive is Alexander Alexandrov, a 32-year-old Orenburg resident who had been convicted of robbery in 2012. Although Alexandrov’s sentence was due to end in July 2017, the prisoner managed to escape on the night of Oct. 22, when he left his place of work at a cinder block manufacturing facility.

Police are actively engaged in the search for the escaped prisoner, and have asked local people to contact them with any information they may have on his whereabouts.

The Black Dolphin penal colony was constructed in the early 2000’s. In addition to housing prisoners under “maximum security” conditions, it also contains a unit for prisoners serving life sentences.

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