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Investigation Opened Into Mass Brawl in Kamchatka Penal Colony

Investigators have opened a criminal investigation into a mass brawl that broke out among inmates in a Kamchatka penal colony in March, a news report said Tuesday.

The fight broke out in Penal Colony No. 6 on March 23 when over 30 convicts from squads four and five teamed up to attack seven inmates from the first squad, Interfax reported.

"A total of about 100 people participated in the riot. During the fight, they damaged the correctional facility's fence," said Investigative Committee senior assistant Elena Matafonova.

Six people were injured before police intervened and subdued the convicts.

The fight kicked off when prisoners from squad one attacked a convict from squad four, investigators said.

Following the brawl 382 inmates signed a petition and announced the start of a hunger strike until their requests were granted.

The inmates demanded permission to wear tracksuits, running shoes, and to be given their own cutlery, among other improved conditions.

The prisoners demands were rejected, however, and the strike fizzled out after just one day.

Penal Colony No. 6, in the city of Elizovo, 6,700 kilometers east of Moscow, is currently housing 875 inmates who are serving their sentences for serious and very serious crimes.

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