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Ukraine Won't Introduce Visas for Russians

Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti

Ukraine has no plan to introduce visas for Russian citizens visiting their country, the Vedomosti newspaper reported.

Imposing a visa regime might provoke retaliation from Moscow and “create problems for Ukrainians working in Russia” argues Alexei Makeev, a Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Official. 

According to Makeev, all Ukrainian citizens currently working in Russia would be required to return to their homeland and apply for Russian work visas.

He also suggested that in this case, Russia might offer “millions of Ukrainians” a chance to stay in Russia and accept citizenship.

“Is the idea of a visa regime truly directed at losing a large quantity of Ukrainian citizens?” he asked. 

Earlier, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin suggested that Ukraine should adopt harsher methods in its relations with Russia. 

But Makeev favors continued diplomatic engagement

“If Kiev breaks its relations with Moscow, Ukraine loses the possibility of defending and attaining freedom for its citizens held in Russia,” he said.

The spokesman stressed that the main reason for the continuing diplomatic relations between the two countries is “the preservation of communications without intermediaries.”

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