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‘Hardcore Henry’ Exists and He's a Siberian Firefighter Wearing This Helmet Cam

A firefighter in Siberia has filmed himself tackling a violent blaze in Omsk while wearing a helmet camera, resulting in footage that resembles the 2015 action film “Hardcore Henry.” The video was released by Omsk's official fire prevention service and aired on the REN TV network, which says it “matches any Hollywood blockbuster.” 

The video begins with the firefighter inside the main cabin of a fire engine as it speeds towards a burning building, sirens screeching, before the team arrives and primes its equipment.

The helmet camera gives the viewer as real-team view as the firefighter bursts into blazing rooms, almost being overwhelmed on several occasions as surging flames ripple the camera lens.   

At times, all you can see is the man’s high pressure hose held up in front of his face against a wall of fire, with several smoking blackouts completely smothering his view.

The action largely resembles a video game, “where the player’s aim is not to score points but to save lives,” REN TV said.

Commenting on the footage, Omsk's fire-prevention service said the open windows had allowed the rapid spread of the blaze and were the reason for the extreme temperatures, which caused metal objects inside the building to glow red.

People were trapped inside as the fire engulfed the entrance, the service said, but they did not panic and everyone escaped to safety through a window.

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