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Moscow Parents Organize Anti-Pokemon Go Classes

The parents of Moscow schoolchildren are to hold special classes on how to remove popular gaming app Pokemon Go from their children's phones, the Moskva news agency reported Tuesday.

The classes will form part of a organized protest movement against the game, backed by members of the Moscow Education Department's Parent Advisory Board on Protecting Children.

Parents are worried about the spread of the app, said Advisory Board member Olga Galuzina. Alongside the classes, the protest movement will lobby to see the game banned in Moscow and Russia, arguing that the app is "harmful and dangerous to children".

The organization also hopes that psychologists will be used to explain to children that they should not catch Pokemon on school property.

Numerous Russian officials have already condemned the Pokemon phenomenon as “dangerous” and “eroding morale.” Several patriotic organizations have called for a ban, while Frants Klintsevich, a senator on Russia's Federation Council, has said that “It feels like the devil arrived through [Pokemon] and is trying to tear our morality apart from the inside.”

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