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Plans for Russia’s National Guard to Evict Debtors From Homes

Russia’s National Guard could gain the power to help court bailiffs evict debtors from their homes under new plans from Russian Interior Ministry announced Thursday.

National Guard troops would help bailiffs deal with individuals and businesses who resist court’s demands and refuse to deliberately move out within the deadline set by court.

Officers would also be allowed to perform the administrative suspension of businesses at bailiffs’ request.

​The special regiment's representatives announced later that the National Guard would not support the initiative as it does not meet the objectives defined for the troops by Federal Law and presidential decree, the Interfax news agency reported.

The National Guard was established by President Vladimir Putin in April on the basis of preserving public order and providing additional territorial defense.

The new force already has wide range of special powers, including the right to shoot or detain on sight in case of an imminent threat to the lives of the Russian citizens. 

Officers are also able to block off certain areas and to use physical force in order to prevent unauthorized rallies.

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