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Russian Teacher Investigated for Child Abuse After 'Difficult' Homework

An elementary school teacher is being investigated for child abuse after setting homework considered “too difficult” for her class of seven-year-olds, the Meduza news website reported Tuesday.

The 55-year old from the town of Zlatoust in the Chelyabinsk region gave her students work drastically more difficult than the standard curriculum, the report said.

Students were humiliated with embarrassing nicknames if they received poor grades and were regularly asked to memorize lengthy poems in addition to written homework, Meduza reported. Russian education guidelines forbid giving children grades until they reach second class at the age of eight.

A review of the teacher's work was prompted after complaints from parents, according to the Chelyabinsk prosecutor's website.

Investigators found that the teacher was failing to meet ethical codes of conduct and that her behavior was having an impact on the psychological well-being of her class.

If found guilty, she faces up to three years imprisonment and a maximum fine of up to 100,000 rubles ($1500).

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