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Tanzania Bids for Russian Military Supplies

Tanzania has approached Russia to supply the country's new weapons and military equipment, state-owned news agency RIA Novosti reported Wednesday.

The director of the Russian Military – Technical Cooperation Service (FSVTS) announced that the east African country was interested in purchasing the entire Mi-17 series of helicopters. They also expressed interest in Russian fighter jets, small arms and armored vehicles.“They [Tanzania] have looked into every supplier and chose Russia,” a FSVTS spokesperson said.

Russia said they were prepared to make a counteroffer to Tanzania's bid, which would include increased goods exports as well as provision of both commercial and state loans, RIA Novosti reported.

Russian delegates in Tanzania have scheduled a meeting to discuss the proposal with the head of the Tanzanian Arms Ministry.

A Tanzanian spokesperson said that the country had carried out a large amount of research into suppliers on the global weapons market. They confirmed that Tanzania sent Russia a bid to procure a wide range of military equipment including planes, tanks, small arms, and anti aircraft defense systems, RIA Novosti reported.

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