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Russian Schoolchildren Forced to Watch Video Recommending Men Marry Virgins

A screenshot from the video

Eighth-graders in a secondary school in the Kuban region in southern Russia were shown a 3-minute video which claimed that the West is seeking to destroy Russian society by depraving its women, the Meduza news agency reported Thursday, citing the sister of one of the students.

The video accuses the United States of propagating “feminist and gay propaganda” to corrupt Russian children, stating that its influence is the main reason Russians are becoming sexually active at a younger age.

The video urges young Russian men to avoid relationships with women who have already had sexual experience, presenting the theory of telegony as scientific fact.

Telegony is a theory in heredity that holds that offspring can inherit characteristics of a previous partner of the female parent.

“A girl who has slept with many guys is a dump, containing a mixture of genes from all her men" and "a man who has children [with her] is a cuckold," the video claims.

One of the students asked the teacher if it was legal to show such movies to the children, but her question remained unanswered, the student's sister was cited as saying by Meduza.

School principal Georgy Kaishev told Meduza that he “does not see anything criminal” in the video and stressed that he has no competence to discuss the scientific aspects of the inheritance of genes.

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