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Try Cow on a Broomstick at Moscow's Stroganina Bar

It’s no wonder that Russians love sushi; love for raw fish is genetically programmed. Try the real thing at the cozy Stroganina Bar.

Stroganina is the new addition to the Expeditsia family, which includes a chain of premium restaurants around Russia, souvenir shops and even hot baths. But while Expeditsia's flagship restaurant in Moscow is almost a compulsory stop for affluent tourists to try Russian exotic dishes, prices at Stroganina Bar are much more accessible.

Stroganina is the Russian version of Japanese sashimi or Spanish ceviche. Russian culinary legend says that it originated in Siberia. The extremely cold temperatures and nomadic way of life resulted in a tradition of keeping fish and game frozen, then serving them thinly sliced without thawing them. Flash-freezing kept the flavors fresh, and the  cold kept bacteria from forming. This is Stroganina's main dish, although they serve other specialties from the far north as well.

We suggest trying stroganina from a rare Siberian white salmon called nelma (420 rubles). Muksun, another Northern fish, is also available as stroganina (380 rubles), as is deer (390 rubles). If you don't like the idea of raw fish, you can try it lightly salted. Apart from nelma or muksun, there is omul, a fish only found in Lake Baikal, served with potatoes (300 rubles).

Chase down your stroganina with some of the homemade vodka infusions on offer at the bar, like khrenovukha that is made with horseradish (230 rubles per 50 ml). If that seems a bit too strong, they also offer lemon and herbal infusions. If you are more into long drinks, try a new take on the traditional Russian winter drink sbiten made with taiga herbal tea and sweet vodka infusions (345 rubles).

For a main, you might order the humorously named Tyolka na metyolke (Cow on a Broomstick) — thin veal strips as tender as duck served with baked apples (510 rubles), or be adventurous and go with the crucian carp from the Kobyaisky District of the Sakha Republic (490 rubles).

Located in a large basement, Stroganina Bar also features a store with fish and vegetable preserves and a delivery service.

+7 (499) 110 6845
19/1 Lubyansky Proyezd. Metro Kitai-Gorod

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