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Grozny Says No Chechen Agents Helping Russia in Syria

An unidentified source in the Chechen government has claimed that there are no members of law enforcement agencies among Chechnya's fighters in Syria, the Interfax news agency reported Tuesday.

The Chechens fighting in Syria consist of independent groups of young people who oppose the Islamic State, the source told the news agency.

Chechens in Syria infiltrated the Islamic State to gather information about Chechen citizens recruited by the organization, according to Interfax.

A number of Chechens traveled to the conflict zone to find and eliminate those involved in the murders of their relatives and close friends, the source added.

Kadyrov said during an interview aired on the Rossiya 1 television channel on Sunday that Chechen special agents were sent to Syria, infiltrated the Islamic State and provided Russia with information on the organization.

Russia has been carrying out air strikes in Syria since Sept. 30.

The Islamic State is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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