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FSB Allowed to Shoot at Crowds to Prevent Terrorism Acts — Duma

FSB headquarters in Moscow

Russia's lower house of parliament has approved a bill letting Federal Security Service (FSB) officers shoot at crowds, as well as at women and children under certain conditions, the Slon.Ru news portal reported Tuesday.

The State Duma passed the bill in the second, third and final reading at once. The bill changes the Federal Security service law, in order to give its officers more powers in using their weapons.

The bill proposes to give officers the power to use firearms against crowds of people to prevent acts of terror, including taking hostages and armed attacks on governmental buildings.

The amendments also allow FSB officers to shoot at women, children and disabled people in cases of a terror act or armed attack on civilians and law enforcers.

Moreover, the security service officers are handed the right to enter private property to "maintain public security in emergency situations and during mass civil unrests".

To be enacted, the bill has to be approved by the parliament's upper house and signed by the president.

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