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Kiev Court Bans Ukraine's Communist Party

A Communist supporter stands near a police line guarding the regional administration building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

A Kiev city court has banned the Communist party of Ukraine, according to a ruling announced on Wednesday, acting on an appeal by the country's Justice Ministry, which accused the party of calls for separatism and interethnic strife.

Kiev's district administrative court has “fully satisfied the suit by the Justice Ministry, by outlawing the activities of the Communist party of Ukraine,” the court said in an online statement.

The Communist party confirmed the ruling, saying in its own statement that the court dismissed the party's countersuit against the Justice Ministry, “despite the arguments advanced by the Communist party's defense lawyers.”

The Justice Ministry had filed a lawsuit looking to ban Ukraine's Communist party this summer, accusing it of appeals for separatism, promoting war and interethnic conflicts, and calls for a violent overthrowing of the government, the news portal reported.

Separatists insurgents are fighting Kiev government forces in eastern Ukraine. Russia and its allies in Ukraine support their drive, although Russia denies accusations of supplying weapons and fighters to the insurgents.

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