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Russian Truckers Protest Near Building of Presidential Administration

Truck drivers gathered next to the building of Russia's presidential administration to protest the Platon tax system, Dozhd television channel reported Monday.

Approximately 70 drivers participated in the demonstration, along with two Communist Party parliament members, Dozhd reported.

Truckers are protesting a new tax system that levies additional fees on heavy trucks for the use of federal highways. Truck drivers say the system would erode their earnings.

On Saturday a group of truck drivers published online a video addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin. The truckers demanded that a nationwide referendum on Platon's cancellation be organized.

The truckers' protest has been going on for weeks, and while the drivers have made no political demands, their action marks the first large-scale demonstration of popular dissent in years. Truckers have established two camps on the outskirts of the Russian capital and have shown no signs of relenting.

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