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B2B: Mystery Guests Create Hotels' Well-Being

The MT Conferences section does not involve the reporting or the editorial staff of The Moscow Times.

Elena Belashova
General Manager
Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre

A visit of a Mystery Guest or an inspector is often considered as some anxious or even negative event 'coming into town'. This applies not only to hotel business but to any type of business. I suppose not many of us found tests in school somehow exciting or pleasant. And we all could agree that a test is something very closely related to inspectors evaluating how you are coping with your tasks, obligations or business.

No need to say that to get a good mark from the Mystery Guest you have to be more than outstanding. For example Crowne Plaza brand has a single standard for all the hotels — no matter managed or franchised — to follow. Crowne Plaza hotels are situated all over the globe, every hotel has their own business mixes and own markets to perform in; their competitors could be really different with different selling and operating strategies that could be really aggressive. Those market players are mostly unique and not belonging to any brand or hotel chain meaning they are not being regulated by any means and not being able to say — 'I am from the Marriott or IHG family, you could trust me'. And that is our moment of truth and most valuable selling point — we all have to stick to the standards as any guest coming to a Crowne Plaza hotel could be sure — he is getting the best quality of service and accommodation he could find as it is the brand he is loyal to.

So when a hotel is on close terms with the brand and its standards the hotel is successful. Then comes the Mystery Guest that would tell you if you are great and there is nothing to worry about and you are 100% Crowne Plaza. Or that you do not really comply with the standards and have to put a little bit more effort to improve your performance for the guests to be happy and satisfied. These visits are really efficient as they happen unexpected and hotels are not warned in order to get ready and improve just beforehand. It gives hoteliers the necessity to always keep up with the trends and requirements and as a result be in one line or even on top of the competition.

Crowne Plaza Moscow WTC is really proud to keep up the great work for already eight years of its operation on the Moscow market. We successfully passed the Mystery Guest procedure this year with extraordinary results, as being the first and still only Crowne Plaza in Moscow binds us to being stainless and perfect in every detail.

The MT Conferences section does not involve the reporting or the editorial staff of The Moscow Times.

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