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Moscow Metro Prices to Increase by 7 Percent Next Year

The Moscow metro plans to introduce a 7 percent price hike on tickets next year to cover increased operating costs, the head of the metro said Thursday, state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported.

Metro head Dmitry Pegov told a press conference it was the minimal increase needed to keep the underground running, the report said.

“There are several problems connected to a significant increase in the cost of spare parts and materials and the cost of electricity,” he was cited as saying, adding that overall maintenance costs were expected to increase by 17 percent next year.

While the metro's trains are built in a Russian factory, many of the parts are bought overseas. The sharp devaluation of the ruble last year means those imports have become comparatively more expensive.

At present, a single ticket on the metro costs 50 rubles ($0.80) following a 10 ruble price increase at the start of the year.

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