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Travel on Moscow-St. Petersburg Toll Road to Cost $18

The first section of the road, a 72-kilometer section located 258 kilometers away from Moscow near the city of Tver, opened in November last year.

Fares for passenger vehicles traveling along a new toll road connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg will be set at about 1,000 rubles ($18), news agency RBC reported Tuesday.

"In very rough terms, the cost for a car to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg will be in the range of 1,000 rubles," said Sergei Kelbakh, the chairman of the board of state road-building company Avtodor.

Drivers will pay 2.3 rubles per kilometer leading into St. Petersburg, 5.5 rubles per kilometer near Moscow, and 1 ruble per kilometer in between the two along the planned 684 kilometer highway.

The price of the toll road is around the same as a basic train ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg, which for Tuesday, June 16 was priced as low as 1,000 rubles ($18) on Russian Railways' website.

The first section of the road, a 72-kilometer section located 258 kilometers away from Moscow near the city of Tver, opened in November last year. The route will fully open by 2018 and will have between four and 10 lanes at various points.

The toll highway, to be called the M11, is being built alongside the existing M10 route that connects Moscow and St. Petersburg. The older road is notoriously difficult to drive and dangerous in places.

Trucks using the toll road will pay a higher rate, but Kelbakh did not specify how much. Last year, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said that trucks could be charged four times more than cars, RBC reported.

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