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Moscow Region Mayor Accused of Beating Up Disabled Boy Settles Out of Court

Roshal Mayor Alexei Artuykhin with a boy that he allegedly beat up and his mother

A Moscow region mayor accused of having beat up a disabled child in a playground has reached an out of court settlement with the boy's family, the head of the regional Civic Chamber told The Moscow Times on Monday.

Investigators had launched a criminal case on suspicion of battery after Roshal Mayor Alexei Artuykhin allegedly beat a local 10-year-old boy, who Interfax reported had special needs.

The May 24 incident occurred after the victim got into an argument with Artuykhin's 6-year-old son.

According to investigators, Artuykhin intervened, grabbing the disabled 10-year-old by his ear, shoving him to his knees and then beating him, tearing the child's clothing in the process.

Shota Gorgadze, head of the Moscow Region Civic Chamber, an organization that aims to foster cooperation between citizens and local and regional authorities, confirmed that Artuykhin had reached a settlement with the boy's family, and implied that law enforcement authorities would not pursue their case against the official.

Gorgadze was not aware of the specific terms of the deal.

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