Recipe: Summer Lemonade (Video)

It's lemonade season! While there are many restaurants in Moscow where you can enjoy a fresh lemonade on a summer terrace, sometimes it's best to make your own. Watch the video, then try this simple recipe.

Summer Lemonade


water — 1 l​iter​
lemon or lime — 1-2 pieces
mint — to taste
strawberries — 3-4 pieces
sugar — to taste
ice – to taste


1. Add some warm water into a pitcher.
2. Put mint and sugar ​into​ the water (you can use​ crush​ed​ mint for ​a ​more intense taste).
3.​Squ​eeze some lemon juice into the water and​ drop the leftovers of ​the ​lemons into the jar.
4. Put strawberries into the jar. Let i​t​ sit for a while to infuse​.​
5. Add cold water and cubes of ice.
5. Enjoy!

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