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The Moscow Times Remembers: Maurice Dumont

Maurice Dumont

In the run-up to Victory Day on May 9, when Russia commemorates 70 years since the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, staff members at The Moscow Times describe the wartime experiences of their own families.

Today, multimedia editor Pascal Dumont tells the story of his grandfather.

He was a hero, but we had to wait nearly 20 years after his death to know why. Like many other soldiers, for my grandfather Maurice Dumont, talking about war was taboo. But eventually my family accessed Canada's National Archives and learned more of the story behind his medals.

He made it through the Normandy landings as part of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. His role was in logistics and he assured the delivery of supplies for many troops. He once predicted a bombardment by German forces and ordered his regiment to quickly move to a different camp. As expected, the previous location was shelled, thus saving the lives of his troops.

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