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Passenger Train Crashes into Locomotive in Russia's Lipetsk Region

At least 26 people have been injured after a passenger train traveling from Volgograd to Moscow crashed into a locomotive in Russia's Lipetsk region, a news report said Thursday.

The collision took place at 4:47 a.m, after the train changed locomotives at the Gryazi-Vorozhenskiye station in the Lipetsk region, a spokesperson for Russian Railways told the Interfax news agency.

After the locomotive swap, the 10-car passenger train slid backwards a distance of 300 meters — crashing into the locomotive that had previously been detached from the body of the train.

Russian Railways said that out of the 26 injured, only one person was hospitalized.

The regional Emergency Situations Ministry blamed the incident on a fault in the hydraulic braking system of the train's wheels, Interfax said.

The passenger train suffered a delay of more than two hours but other schedules remained unaffected, the report said.

The Investigative Committee said on its website it had opened an investigation into the case.

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