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Authorities Deny Kremlin Cameras Were Off During Nemtsov's Murder

Footage showing the murder of Boris Nemtsov was published by Russian television channel TVTs on Saturday.

A spokesperson for Moscow's information technology department has denied media reports that some of the surveillance cameras around the Kremlin had been switched off at the time of Boris Nemtsov's murder.

The spokesperson said all surveillance cameras had been fully functional on Friday night when opposition leader Nemtsov was gunned down on the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge, RIA Novosti news agency reported Monday.

Earlier on Monday, Kommersant newspaper said surveillance footage of the incident in the Kremlin area — one of the most heavily guarded places in Moscow — was either blurry or altogether absent, given that some cameras had been turned off for repairs.

Nemtsov, one of President Vladimir Putin's most virulent critics, was shot in the back and the heart two steps from the Kremlin and Red Square, as he was crossing the bridge on Friday night.

Television channel TVTs on Saturday broadcast surveillance footage it claimed showed the murder from a distance.

The blurry video appears to show that the shooter was hiding in a stairway on the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge, before hopping into a getaway car.

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