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TV Psychic Fatally Hits Pedestrian With Car

A contestant in a popular television show that tests the alleged supernatural abilities of self-proclaimed psychics has run over and killed a pedestrian on a crosswalk in Moscow, online news site reported Thursday.

The female contestant from "Battle of the Psychics," whom the Moscow news agency identified as 28-year-old Darya Zadokhina, had been driving her Jaguar with the help of hand-operated controls, as she lost both of her legs in a car accident in 2007, the report said.

The name of the male victim was withheld. This is not the first time a contestant from the show has wound up on police radar.

Another contestant, Yury Olenin, was charged with fraud earlier this week for offering people his magical services to cure alcoholism and drug addiction, solve family disputes and improve health, among other things. He charged between 15,000 rubles ($320) and 1.5 million rubles for the services, the Moscow news agency said.

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