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Hungry Bear Leaves Siberian Gas Workers Confined to Cars

A hungry bear was spotted in Siberia.

Employees of a gas field in Siberia have been forbidden from taking any strolls around their workplace due to the presence of a hungry bear trying to fatten itself up ahead of winter.

Workers at the Myldzhinskoye gas field in Tomsk have been using cars and buses to span even the shortest of distances between buildings due to fears that the bear may attack at any given moment, a spokesman told the Interfax news agency on Monday.

The bear was spotted over the weekend and doesn't appear to have put on enough weight to yet go into hibernation, the spokesman said, adding that all food containers on the premises have been tightly sealed.

This is not the first time a bear has wandered onto a gas field in the Tomsk region.

Last year, workers at the Nizhnelugintskoye gas field befriended a young bear who had settled on their territory, taking photographs with it and taking it upon themselves to feed it.

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