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Russian Man Steals Used Panties for His Girlfriend

The panty thief was busted some time after presenting the loot to his partner. He now faces up to six years in prison on theft charges.

Love and poverty made an underwear thief of a man in Russia's republic of Udmurtia, who broke the law to please his girlfriend, local police said Friday. It remained unclear whether the woman was aware that the undergarments were stolen.

The unnamed woman asked her unemployed boyfriend for money to buy herself some new delicates, but he had none to give, according to a police statement.

Undeterred, the 29-year-old man solved the problem by looting a female neighbor's house, making off with four sets of undergarments.

The panty thief was busted some time after presenting the loot to his partner. He now faces up to six years in prison on theft charges.

He is not Russia's first panty-thief: In 2012, police busted a 14-year-old school student in the republic of Chuvashia who broke into the house of his new teacher and stole her underwear, some cash and a SIM card. He told investigators he really just wanted to check out her residence, and looted the place so nobody would blame the break-in on his pure childish curiosity.

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