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Drunk Russian Man Steals Car, Realizes He Can't Drive

After allegedly cutting a hole through the roof of a garage and stealing a car parked inside of it, an inebriated man was forced to push the vehicle a kilometer down the road, due to the fact that he does not know how to drive.

The bewildering crime came to light after police noticed the "strange behavior" of a man sitting in a vehicle parked in front of a Kemerovo region cafe, according to a police statement issued Monday.

Upon asking the man to identify himself, police learned he lacked any formal documents — no driver's license and no registration for the vehicle in his possession. He was also exhibiting signs of intoxication, the police statement said.

Police transported the suspicious man back to the local precinct, where another local resident soon appeared to report that his vehicle had been stolen. Police soon determined that the drunken, unidentified man had drilled a hole into the ceiling of the other man's garage in order to procure the vehicle.

The alleged car thief, whose identity was not disclosed, now faces up to six years in prison for theft. (MT)

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