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Russian Buddhist Poetess Sentenced for Tossing Dog Out Window

Maria Depareit

Gautama Buddha taught compassion and self-control, but one of his bohemian Russian followers failed to heed this advice when her pet relieved itself on her floor.

Muscovite poetess Maria Depareit was hit with one year of community service for throwing her dog, Ava, out of a window last March, Moskovsky Komsomolets reported.

Depareit, 37, pleaded guilty to the act, which ended Ava's life. But she unsuccessfully appealed the additional decision to fine her 15 percent of her income for the duration of her community service, the newspaper reported last weekend.

Depareit, a housewife raising a disabled child, has a small following as a poetess, publishing poems about love and philosophy under the pseudonym Madona Ana.

Her account on social network VKontakte also describes her as an ardent Buddhist, a follower of the Diamond Way, a Western adaptation of a major school of Tibetan Buddhism promoted by famous Danish-born Lama Ole Nydahl.

Despite her words of love and compassion, animal rights activists will likely be pleased that she faces consequences for her crime.

Russian animal cruelty legislation has frequently been blasted as insufficient, allowing many animal abusers to dodge persecution.

Examples of such unscathed animal abusers include numerous "dog hunters" — vigilante killers who target stray dogs they claim are dangerous — as well as the owner of a parasailing business in the Krasnodar region who traumatized a donkey by sending it flying over a beach in a 2010 advertising stunt.

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