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Russia's Bailiffs Launch Computer Game Depicting Their Work

A screenshot from the game "Try Yourself as a Bailiff."

Russia's Federal Bailiffs Service has released an interactive game in which it appears to simultaneously poke fun at itself and show the frustrations inherent in the agency's work.

The game, titled simply "Try Yourself as a Bailiff," lets users create either a male or female character.

The man is said to "move slowly and process documents slowly" but "he is not afraid of homeless people or dogs, and he gets a 20 percent bonus for collecting cash from the population."

The female character, on the other hand, "moves quickly (15 percent more quickly than the man), processes documents quickly (20 percent better than the man), but is afraid of dogs and homeless people."

Once a character is created for the game, the user begins the tedious task of processing stacks of paperwork that seem to never end.

The game invariably ends with the user losing, greeted with the message: "You failed to process the minimum amount of required paperwork."

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