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Judge Fired Over Provocative Pictures Posted Online

Former Beloglinsk District judge Irina Parfenova was stripped of her powers after posting a series of sexy photos online.

After posting a series of sexy photos online, a Russian judge was stripped of her powers, Zakon.Ru website reported.

Former Beloglinsk District judge Irina Parfenova was initially disrobed by a Krasnodar regional judicial body in July after having posted photos of herself luxuriating in a courtroom, wearing a mini-skirt, posed under a Russian coat of arms with her legs resting on a table in front of her.

The Supreme Court's disciplinary commission upheld the decision, reported Monday.

In its May ruling, the Krasnodar regional body ruled that the photos had constituted a violation of the judicial code of ethics.

In her own defense, Parfenova argued that while posting pictures online had been a mistake, the punishment was incommensurate with the offense.

She also said that access to her page on popular Russian social network Odnoklassniki was obtained illegally, and that the punishment violated her judicial immunity. The photos could not be located in the public domain as of Tuesday.

Parfenova had served as a judge in the village of Belaya Glina for more than 10 years.

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