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Motorcyclist Somersaults to Safety in Dramatic Car Crash (Video)

A Belarussian motorcyclist has miraculously escaped from a potentially fatal accident by somersaulting his way to safety.

In a video uploaded Wednesday to YouTube, a car is shown moving over into the left lane of a fast road — straight into the path of a motorcyclist who is attempting the same maneuver.

The motorcyclist, who is catapulted into the air from his bike, completes a remarkable somersault before landing with both feet on the roof of the same car that hit him several meters further up the road.

According to a note accompanying the video, the lucky motorcyclist did not have a license.

The clip, which had received 115,000 views by Wednesday afternoon, is the latest dashboard-camera video to go viral on YouTube.

"Dash cams" are extremely popular in Russia, where drivers use them as a form of insurance against other drivers, and in recent years hundreds of videos of near-misses and collisions have wound up on social media sites.

Warning: Video contains Russian profanity.

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