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Russia to Switch to Permanent Winter Time

The State Duma voted to end Russia's brief stint on year-round summer time.

The State Duma voted in a final reading Tuesday to end Russia's brief stint on year-round summer time and return winter time to the country in October, after which Russians will stay on permanent winter time.

Russia had been on permanent daylight savings time since 2011, when an initiative by then-President Dmitry Medvedev saw clocks moved forward in the spring but not put back in the fall. That same move saw the number of time zones in the country reduced from 11 to nine.

From October, the clocks will not be changed twice a year, but will remain on winter time. The new legislation will also see the creation of another time zone.

When the bill to bring back winter time was submitted in January, lawmakers said Medvedev's initiative had caused increased stress and had a detrimental effect on the public's health.

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