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Only 8 Russians Among Most Cited Researchers Worldwide

Eight of the world's 3,215 most highly-cited researchers are scholars affiliated with Russian research organizations, according to a new ranking released by Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters' list was compiled based on "highly cited papers" among journal articles and reviews indexed in its Web of Science Core Collection between 2002 and 2012.

Three of the eight — biophysicist Vladimir Uversky, pharmacologist Alexander Kabanov and physicist Arkady Tseytlin — are primarily affiliated with foreign institutions, but claim secondary affiliations to Russian academia. Only one of the eight is a social scientist, while the others work in the fields of engineering, biology, pharmacology and physics.

Among the scholars included in the list, 1,717 are primarily affiliated with U.S. institutions, 340 with British academia and 100 with Chinese institutions.

Thomson Reuters' 2001 list of 7,000 researchers from 21 different fields featured only five Russian scholars.

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