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Russian Prison Offers Money for 50 First Aid Bunnies

A detention facility in the Orenburg region has announced a tender for 50 bunnies.

A detention facility in the Orenburg region has announced a tender for 50 bunnies for the purposes of "first aid and the subsistence of citizens."

Pre-trial detention center No. 2 in the city of Orsk is seeking not just any bunny, however, but "gray giant" bunnies, a special breed with a 37-39-centimeter circumference around the chest.

A call to the contact number listed went unanswered, but the ratio of male to female bunnies listed on the official government procurement website — 5 males to 45 females — suggests that the prison may be seeking to breed the animals. It was unclear what "first aid" purposes they could serve, however.

The price listed for the tender is 67,912 rubles ($1,900), meaning each bunny would be worth about 1,350 rubles.

According to the "technical specifications" of the tender, the bunnies must be between 4 and five months old, healthy and without any visible defects.

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