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Millions of Migrants Keen to Join Russian Army

Russian soldiers being put through their paces.

Migrant workers in Russia have asked the country's leadership to allow them to serve in the armed forces.

In a statement released Monday, the Russian Migrants Federation said that millions of workers were ready to help defend Russia, including people from the former Soviet republics, Interfax reported.

The organization added that it was concerned about "aggressive Western pressure on the international community," saying that it could no longer act as an observer to events on the world stage.

It is time to unite "all people living in Russia, without any ideological division and regardless of their origin or religion. Only unity … can protect us," said the statement, signed by the organization's head, Muhammad Amin.

In 2013, a conscription law was amended to compel all young people in possession of Russian citizenship to serve in the army — the exceptions being former citizens of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Foreign nationals are currently exempt from military service.

The Defense Ministry is yet to comment on the statement.

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