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What the Papers Say on Sochi, Feb. 11

Alexei Filippov


1. Afsati Dzhusoyti article headlined "Naturalized bronze" reports on performance of Russian athletes at the Sochi Olympics; p 1 (281 words).

2. Andrei Kolesnikov article headlined "Fourth side of medal" reports on the victory of Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko at the Sochi Olympics and on his difficulties with recovering after a spine operation; pp 1, 12 (2,490 words).


1. Editorial headlined "Torch and smoke" says Russian officials accuse bloggers writing about theft in the preparation for the Sochi Olympics of a lack of love for their motherland. The article notes that President Vladimir Putin's control over the Olympics created high expectation among general public; pp 1, 6 (400 words).

Komsomolskaya Pravda

1. Yelena Chinkova article headlined "CNN to buy photo of separated doorknob" reports on the supposed fake photos that foreign journalists covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi posted on the internet; p 9 (900 words)

2. Yelena Chinkova article headlined "Stop hammering Russians!" says that British readers have harshly criticized The Daily Telegraph for a sarcastic article about Sochi; p 9 (350 words).

RBK Daily

1. Yevgeny Novikov et al. article headlined "Sochi requires new construction sites" says Sochi requires additional investments to become a viable seaside resort despite the fact that a substantial proportion of funds has been invested in the construction of Olympic facilities in the city; pp 1-2 (600 words).

Feb. 11, 2014 / BBC Monitoring / ©BBC

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