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Lithuanian Director to Be Allowed Back Into Russia After Rejection

Mindaugas Karbauskis was previously denied entry for "flagrant violations of Russian law". Yevgeny Stetsko

Theater director Mindaugas Karbauskis, who was earlier denied entry to Russia for alleged violations of the law, will be allowed to return to the country.

Karbauskis was previously denied entry for "flagrant violations of Russian law," a Federal Migration Service representative told Itar-Tass, The spokeswoman added that the creative director of the Mayakovsky Theater will be let back into the country because the theater guaranteed that he would appear before the FMS.

The city's culture department also became a guarantor for the director, reported.

Karbauskis earlier wrote on Facebook that border authorities at Vnukovo airport, where he arrived early Sunday morning, told him he could not enter Russia until Nov. 23, 2015 because he broke visa rules by committing multiple administrative violations. The director said on Facebook that he had received five traffic tickets and had neglected regular checks with the migration authorities, but said that he had paid all his tickets.

Karbauskis spent several hours at the airport before departing back to Vilnius and now plans to return to Moscow next week.

Sergei Kapkov, head of the city's culture department, has denied "any malevolent action" in reference to Karbauskis had taken place suggesting the Mayakovsky Theatre's director may have become a victim of a computer error.

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