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Kitai Gorod Tops List of Moscow's Dirtiest Metro Stations

Pigeons congregate at one of the exits of Kitai Gorod station, the dirtiest on Moscow's metro network. Vladimir Filonov

The Moscow metro named Kitai Gorod the filthiest station in the subway system, according to the results of an internal metro investigation.

The study was based on the calculation of the volume of garbage collected by custodians at each subway station every day. The Kitai Gorod station, a center-city hub on the intersection of the orange and violet lines, outranked all the other stations producing 57 bags of trash every day, an unidentified employee told Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The VDNKh and Okhotny Ryad stations took the second position in the rating of the dirtiest stations with 35 bags of garbage collected on their platforms and escalators every day. They were followed by the Tretyakovskaya, Mitino and Prazhskaya stations, where maintenance workers collect 30 bags of litter on average.

The metro's management said the orange line was the dirtiest line, with several of the most overcrowded and trash-filled stations, including Kitai Gorod and VDNKh, along the its route.

The study did not tell which stations were the cleanest in the capital's 190-station metro system.

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