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Smoke Bomb Goes Off in School Boys Pocket During Class

A homemade smoke bomb made with potassium nitrate and sugar. Ting-Tong Chang

A seventh-grader brought a homemade smoke bomb to his school in Yekaterinburg, where it went off in his classmate's pocket during a lesson, police said Tuesday.

No one was injured as a result of the incident, which took place Monday, but the classroom filled with smoke and the teacher had to cut short the lesson and evacuate the room, the Sverdlovsk region's police department said in a statement.

The student, who was not identified, made the device by following instructions he found on the internet. He told the police that he had planned to set off the smoke bomb in the schoolyard after class, but couldn't resist showing it off to his friends. He gave the smoke canister to a classmate, who put it in one of his pockets, where it went off.

The student, aged somewhere between 12 and 13, said that he had "long been fascinated with various kinds of tricks and liked to make that kind of pyrotechnical device," the statement said.

His mother has been charged with neglecting a minor's upbringing — an offense punishable by a fine — and the student was registered as an offender with a juvenile affairs office.

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