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Anna Chapman Cuts Off Interview Over Snowden Marriage Question

Chapman, who had proposed to Snowden over Twitter was apparently offended by a question regarding marriage to him. M. Stulov

Former Russian spy Anna Chapman abruptly ended her interview for a U.S. television channel when she was asked about her possible marriage to fugitive National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden.

In an interview for NBC channel Monday the former spy had answered only a few questions before the host asked her about her plans with regards to her possible marriage to Snowden, said.

Chapman reacted immediately by saying: "I am not going to discuss that. I think, the interview is over, because it went wrong somehow," after which she left the studio.

On July 3, Chapman proposed to Snowden with a message on her Twitter account asking: "Snowden, will you marry me?" At that time Snowden was living in the transit area of the Sheremetyevo airport until Russian authorities granted him a temporary asylum on Aug. 1.

Chapman became a figurant of the biggest spy scandal since the Cold War in late June of 2010 after U.S. secret services had arrested 11 people including her, whom they accused of working for a foreign government. In July Chapman was exchanged for U.S. agents convicted in Russia in a classical spy swap that took place in Vienna.

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