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What the Papers Say, Aug. 19, 2013


1. Kirill Melnikov and Anna Solodovnikova article headlined "Eduard Khudaynatov extracts first oil" says former Rosneft vice president Eduard Khudaynatov's Independent Oil and Gas Company is buying Geotech firm extracting oil in Saratov Region and Payakha company extracting oil in Krasnodar Territory; p 1 (647 words).

2. Yury Barsukov and Dmitry Butrin article headlined "Non-repayable but very profitable" reviews the profitability criteria to be used by the Economic Development Ministry when choosing projects to be financed from the National Welfare Fund; pp 1, 3 (849 words).

3. Maxim Ivanov et al. report headlined "Deputies and officials filled with love to nearest ones" says the ban on foreign assets ownership for officials and parliamentarians comes into effect today. Very few people chose their assets instead of posts in the government or seat in the parliament; pp 1 — 2 (849 words).

4. Alexandra Bayazitova article headlined "Return out of service area" says the law on banking activity in Russia may be amended in favor of banks. Money written off from clients' accounts without their authorization will not be returned; pp 1, 7 (532 words).

5. Article attributed to the paper's political section headlined "Lot strips United Russia of first places" says neither well-known opposition parties, nor United Russia got were listed first in the voting papers at regional elections; p 2 (612 words).

6. Taisia Bekbulatova and Sergei Goryashko article headlined "Nothing threatens Andrei Vorobyov" says VTsIOM public opinion research centre says 76 percent of Moscow Region residents expect acting governor Andrei Vorobyov to win the upcoming election; p 2 (453 words).

7. Yevgenia Sycheva and Ivan Buranov article headlined "Overflowing Amur" says the water level in the Amur River has reached its historical maximum; the river threatens to flood Khabarovsk; p 3 (503 words).

8. Grigory Tumanov article headlined "Human rights in Moscow given three years" says the presidential human rights council is to sign a cooperation agreement with Acting Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin in order to boost the role of human rights organizations operating in Moscow; p 4 (611 words).

9. Oleg Rubnikovich article headlined "Investigation believes Anatoly Serdyukov" says the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office has failed to open a criminal case against former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov as part of probe into the violations of the law when buying furniture for a military college in Krasnodar; p 5 (642 words).

10. Maxim Yusin article headlined "Islamic world splits over Egypt" says Saudi Arabia has expressed support to the Egyptian military, while Qatar, Turkey and the Taleban back the Muslim Brotherhood; p 6 (560 words).

11. Galina Dudina article headlined "Chechen quota plans to break German record" says Russian citizens have become leaders in asking Germany for asylum, and 90 percent of appeals were submitted from North Caucasus natives; p 6 (732 words).


1. Filipp Sterkin article headlined "Russia or Europe" says the Kremlin has given the reasons for the trade war with Ukraine. It turns out that this is the way Moscow is trying to prevent Kiev from signing a free trade agreement with the EU; pp 1, 5 (755 words).

2. Margarita Papchenkova et al. article headlined "Law suit in American way" says Russians will soon have a right to file collective law suits against Russian companies, as the Russian People's Front is drafting the relevant legislation; pp 1, 4 (1,035 words).

3. Editorial headlined "Expectancy effect" says proper actions of the authorities have helped prevent human casualties in the devastating floods in the Far East of Russia; pp 1, 6 (423 words).

4. Maria Zheleznova et al. report headlined "Rights activist to replace Obama" says President Putin has filled the gap in his schedule caused by U.S. President Barack Obama's cancelation of their meeting in Moscow in September. Putin will receive members of his human rights council to speak of the amnesty for people serving sentences for economic crimes and the law on NGOs; p 2 (672 words).

5. Another editorial headlined "Technologies of quality" criticizes the Russian policy towards Ukraine as trade wars and economic pressure can hardly make Kiev willing to join the Customs Union; p 6 (296 words).

6. Bela Lyauv and Maxim Glikin interview with former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov speaking on the upcoming Moscow mayoral election, the political future of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov and state support for farmers; pp 8-9 (3,814 words).

7. Alexei Nikolsky and Polina Khimshiashvili article headlined "Sudan buys helicopters in Russia" says that Russia is to deliver military helicopters to Sudan. The deliveries are legal, but are controled by the UN so that the machines are not used in the Darfur region; p 3 (300 words).


1. Viktor Loginov article headlined "Communications Ministry to punish telecommunication workers for idleness" says the Communications and Mass Media Ministry wants to fine companies and seize their equipment if they do not use the frequencies they got or install their equipment in wrong places. Businesses are afraid that many of them may be affected; pp 1, 3 (560 words).

2. Yelena Teslova article headlined "They demand that Navalnyy's fund be recognized as foreign agent" says MMM Guards head Andrei Kim has demanded that the Investigative Committee check the work of Alexei Navalny's fund for fighting against corruption. The activist believes the financing method of the fund (anyone can transfer the money to it on-line) is against the law on NGOs; pp 1, 4 (469 words).

3. Igor Maltsev article headlined "Pig in clouds" criticizes Omsk mayor for his refusal to cancel his holidays after six people died in a river boat accident in his region; pp 1-2 (689 words).

4. Alena Sivkova article headlined "Deputy Milonov suggests that bums be turned into collective farmers" says United Russia deputy in St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov has suggested that hostels for homeless people should be built in old and abandoned collective farms; pp 1-2 (650 words).

5. Sergei Podosenov article headlined "Governors and people to be brought face to face" says LDPR lawmakers have drafted a bill requiring that regional heads and their deputies receive local people personally at least twice a month; p 2 (477 words).

6. Igor Yavlyansky article headlined "Ban on Muslim Brothers to explode entire Arab world" comments on the new Egyptian authorities' plans to ban the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the country again, saying that in case it is recognized illegal, the terrorist threat in the country will rise dramatically; p 4 (629 words).

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

1. Vladimir Mukhin article headlined "Emergencies casualties at Ashuluk range" reports on the death of two conscripts engaged in scrapping ammunition at Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan region; pp 1 — 2 (641 words).

2. Yury Panyev article headlined "Changes on Iranian nuclear front" says Iran has acknowledged that Tehran possesses 18,000 centrifuges for uranium enrichment. The news has proven previous reports by the IAEA; pp 1 — 2 (480 words).

3. Alexandra Samarina article headlined "Voters feel bored" says public opinion polls show that increasing number of Russians (59 percent) are disappointed with Russian politics. Experts believe the trend to be a result of the authorities' propaganda; pp 1, 3 (991 words).

4. Mikhail Sergeyev and Igor Naumov article headlined "Fiscal deficiency" says the regional authorities report on the implementation of President Putin's instruction to raise doctors and teachers wages despite the fact that their budgets lack funds for that; pp 1, 4 (1,039 words).

5. Anastasia Bashkatova article headlined "Russian investment boom in off-shore" says Russian companies have invested 50 percent more funds in foreign companies in the first quarter of 2013 than during the entire 2012. Money outflow to off-shore companies is growing; pp 1, 4 (756 words).

6. Tatyana Ivzhenko article headlined "Moscow does not leave choice for Kiev" says Kiev has to decide how to act in connection with the Customs Union trade blockade. The Russian and Ukrainian Customs will discuss the situation at today's meeting; pp 1, 6 (935 words).

7. Editorial headlined "Army in emergencies regime" says the involvement of the Armed Forces in dealing with the aftermath of devastating floods improves the image of the military; p 2 (512 words).

8. Alexei Gorbachev article headlined "Migrants do not fit into image of cultural capital" says that the crackdown on migrants in various parts of Russia may turn into a humanitarian crisis as those detained have to wait for court's decision in terrible conditions, human rights activists say; p 3 (500 words).

9. Alexandra Samarina article headlined "In politics: price of percent at elections" reports on the beginning of television debates in the Moscow mayoral election; p 7 (622 words).

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

1. Sergei Ptichkin and Natalya Yachmennikova interview with Mikhail Pogosyan, president of the United Aircraft Building Corporation, speaking on Sukhoi Superjet 100 planes; pp 1, 3 (989 words).

2. Roman Markelov article headlined "How rouble hardened" recalls the default of 1998 and polls officials and experts on the economic situation 15 years ago and now; pp 1, 3 (845 words).

3. Yelena Domcheva article headlined "Last day of pomposity" says today is the last day for officials to choose between their foreign assets and posts in the government; p 1 (626 words).

4. Vladimir Snegirev article headlined "Bullet for brotherhood" reports on the situation in Cairo, where the authorities have formally taken the situation under control but in reality Islamists are remaining a powerful force; p 4 (17,67 words).

Moskovsky Komsomolets

1. Alexei Steynert article headlined "Hey, migrant worker, get ready for fight" reports on anti-migrants raids at Moscow markets organized by young activists; pp 1, 3 (750 words).

2. Igor Subbotin article headlined "Revolution of second freshness" expects political instability to continue in Egypt and predicts that the country will not be attractive for tourists any longer; p 1 (300 words).

Komsomolskaya Pravda

1. Alexander Kots and Dmitry Steshin article titled "22 million 'terrorists' go underground in Egypt" features a correspondent report from Cairo; pp 1, 4 (1,000 words).

2. Israel Shamir column "Mubarak returns" contemplates the causes of the current wave of protests in Egypt; p 5 (500 words).

3. Yelena Chinkova article titled "To a common home with Russia or towards 'EuroSodom'?" rounds up pundit comment on Russian-Ukrainian ties in the context of Ukraine's apparent gearing towards Eurointegration; p 6 (1,000 words).

4. Yelena Krivyakina interview with economist Mikhail Delyagin on a law banning foreign asset ownership for officials, which enters into force today; p 7 (1,000 words).

Novaya Gazeta

1. Viktoria Makarenko article titled "Police doesn't agree" reports on rallies "against a growth in ethnic crime" being held in Rostov region; p 4 (250 words).

2. Vera Chelishcheva article titled "'Stompers' evade punishment" recaps on the latest developments in the trial of the suspected killers of journalist Anna Politkovskaya; p 6 (800 words).

3. Yulia Polukhina interview with Alexei Sakhnin, Left Front activist, explaining his decision to ask Sweden for political asylum; p 7 (1,176 words).

4. Nikita Girin article headlined "Receive the region, 'laddie'" reports on the political and economic situation in Moscow region ahead of gubernatorial elections there; p 8 (862 words).

5. Opinion piece by opposition politician Vladimir Milov titled "Road map of victories and defeats" says in order to gain an advantage, opposition politicians in the regions need to more vigorously engage at the local level of government; p 10 (400 words).

6. Dmitry Oreshkin article "'People's polling station calling" explains a volunteer observer campaign initiated by Novaya Gazeta and the Citizen Observer movement for the Moscow mayoral election; p 12 (650 words).

RBC Daily

1. Yulia Sinyayeva article titled "13 pieces of advice for Putin" explains a draft Finance Ministry report on improving the efficiency of the Russian economy, which will be presented to President Putin in September; pp 1, 4 (650 words).

2. Yulia Yakovleva article headlined "Political ghetto" says the residents of the Moscow region territories which became part of "New Moscow" are likely to support Acting Mayor Sergei Sobyanin at the upcoming elections; p 2 (500 words).

3. Alexander Litoy article titled "Inter-ethnic quarantine" says the presidential council on national policy is preparing a proposal on setting up adaptation centres for migrants in Russia; p 2 (350 words).

Moskovskiye Novosti

1. Anastasia Petrova article titled "'New Moscow' may become observer blind spot" says election monitoring movements are struggling to find enough volunteers to observe at the upcoming mayoral election in September; p 2 (500 words).

2. Column by political analyst Fedor Lukyanov titled "A country for people" comments on Russia's priorities as regards strengthening it human capital in a bid to improve its international competitiveness; p B4 (1,000 words).

Noviye Izvestia

1. Anton Vybornov article titled "Trade battle" says Ukraine may complain about Russia to the WTO over the blockade of its imports at the border; p 3 (200 words).

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